The products

Olives and olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil as a PDO recognized the Ionian Cosenza Bruzio for perfumes and flavors reminiscent of the environment from which it comes.
The main varieties of olives grown on the farm are:
– Tondina (roggianese) cultivar popular in the Calabrian province of Cosenza. It ‘a plant resistant to drought and adversity.
– Dolce di Rossano, oil cultivar band Ionian Calabrian. The plant is of considerable size.
– Carolea, dual purpose cultivar, typical of Calabria.

Other varieties present in lower percentage Biancolilla Coratina, Nocellara Messina, Frantoio.
The oil produced by the company has these characteristics:
color: yellow with some green reflection;
Scent: fruity nose;
taste: slightly fruity with a slight bitterness;
Maximum acidity: 0.4 g.

Plants of the organic clementines Salinella are medium in size but quite lush and in bloom spread fragrant essences.
The fruits that ripen from early October, are very rich in vitamin C and minerals.